Thanks For Subsidizing Other People’s Health Coverage

The Recessionary Impact on Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage: Will it be Different this Time? Who Pays? How Much? The COVID-19 pandemic exposed a much larger segment of Americans as being financially fragile – living paycheck to paycheck and unprepared for regular household expenses, let alone out-of-pocket medical expenses. Now, compounded by a potential national recession, and … Continued

A Billion, A Trillion?

It really shouldn’t be this hard. Back in the fall of 2019, the Trump administration announced rules intended to create a market where healthcare consumers could shop for medical goods and services with price transparency. The idea is that people, with an ever-rising economic stake in the cost of healthcare, will compare prices and slow … Continued

Your Medical Billing Partner – aequum Makes a Difference

Today, employer-sponsored health plan administrators benefit from billing partnerships that offer software and data-driven solutions. Real-time price information regarding the true cost of care enables plan sponsors and members to make the most advantageous cost-benefit decisions regarding care options. The right medical billing partner will be an agent of change, embracing innovation and advocating for … Continued

“They’re Not Complying, and Nobody’s Accountable” Aequum LLC CEO, Christine Cooper, Weighs In On Federal Transparency Requirements

Currently, there is a lack of medical billing price transparency throughout the U.S. healthcare industry. According to an article now published in USA Today, a study finds few hospitals are meeting new federal transparency requirements, yet only two have faced fines. Starting January 1, 2021, price transparency rules require health systems to publicly post the … Continued