The Latest Legal Challenge to the Affordable Care Act: Texas Federal Court Decision Threatens Preventive Care Coverage

Key Points: A court decision by a judge in Texas may increase out-of-pocket costs for preventive health care services. This case reintroduces a  dispute that the ACA resolved with a mandate of coverage. While health mandates to provide certain services without cost raised the cost of coverage, re-introducing cost sharing for these preventive services could … Continued

How to Make Reference-Based Pricing Work For Your Plan

aequum Provides Administrators with Partnership and Guidance aequum is a first-of-its kind tech-driven company in the complex field of medical billing. Our tech-driven team of specialists partner with claims administrators, providing them with data-driven insights, technical solutions and legal advocacy support. Working collaboratively, we are advancing the adoption of reference-based pricing (RBP) and price transparency … Continued

“Advanced” EOB Puts Economic Purchasing Power and Decision-Making Into Health Plan Member Hands

Christine Cooper, CEO of aequum LLC, provided eHealth Radio Network’s listening audience with guidance on strategies to take advantage of Advanced EOB price transparencies and advice that health care consumers can capitalize on to manage costs and fully optimize plan value. This insight has the potential to transform an employee’s health coverage usage, putting the … Continued

Bet on the “Over” not the “Under” – Commonwealth Offers an Incomplete Picture of Under-and-Over Insurance

A new survey by the Commonwealth Fund found that the number of Americans without health coverage has fallen to historic lows[i]. The same survey concluded that “a large number of people remain uninsured or inadequately covered.” Of the 6,301 survey respondents who were under age 65: 9% are not enrolled in health coverage[ii] 11% had a gap … Continued