One-Third of Americans Say They Can’t Afford to Contribute to an HSA

Harvard Business Review’s article sponsored by Centivo, Does Your Health Plan Leave Your Workers Functionally Uninsured?, can be boiled down to this one statement: “Unfortunately, one-third of Americans say they can’t afford to contribute to an HSA.” This assertion is made referencing Centivo’s December 2021 Healthcare and Financial report. Centivo surveyed 805 adults 18-64 years of … Continued

Credit Reporting of Medical Debt

On March 1, 2022 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) issued a 54 page report regarding the impacts of medical debt on consumers.[1] “Medical bills placed on credit reports can result in reduced access to credit, increased risk of bankruptcy, avoidance of medical care, and difficulty securing employment, even when the bill itself is inaccurate … Continued