NSA Impact: What does the AHIP/Blue Cross Study Portend for Plan Sponsors?

In May, AHIP and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) announced the results of a study and analysis regarding the impact of the No Surprises Act (NSA). The survey defined a surprise medical bill as: Treatments by non-network providers that fell under the expanded definition of emergency services (including post-stabilization care) Non-emergency services by … Continued

Be Proactive Now…as Passive Enrollment is so Passé

Employers with a calendar year benefit plan year should begin preparing for annual enrollment starting now.   We are experiencing a period of rapid cost inflation and expect renewed, higher levels of health care cost inflation to soon follow. This comes as a large segment of Americans are already financially fragile – unprepared for regular … Continued

Pest Management: Minimizing Health Benefit Plan Losses Through Fee Disclosure

In the fifth and final webinar session of Humaculture, Inc.’s Hidden Opportunities, Strategic Compliance series, Jack Towarnicky, a member of aequum, confirmed how plan sponsors can lower costs and manage risk exposure through a more strategic approach to the new annual fee disclosure requirements. A focus on compliance might simply accept whatever disclosures are received. While … Continued

Mental Health Parity – A Lucid Approach

In the fourth of five webinar sessions, Mental Health Parity – A Lucid Approach, Jack Towarnicky, a member of aequum, joined industry professionals from Humaculture to identify the new mental health compliance requirements and to discuss why mental health issues, costs and administration continue to increase despite the 25+ year old promise of Mental Health … Continued