Power to the Patients – A Hospital Price Transparency Grass Roots Movement

If you did not watch the Academy Awards, you may have missed a new national campaign. It wasn’t about COVID. It wasn’t about the opioid crisis, anti-bullying, or suicide prevention. (https://rpdrlatino.com) It was about medical price transparency – Power to the Patients – “Our Health. Our Money.” The campaign strives to raise awareness that knowing … Continued

Prescription Drug Legislation to Watch in 2021

Prescription drug prices and spending are hot topics and for good reason. U.S. pharmaceutical prices are 2.56 times higher than prices seen in 32 other nations, according to a report released by the Rand Corporation.[1] For brand-named drugs that number multiple jumps to 3.44.[2] Retail prescription drug spending accounted for 10% of the total health … Continued