A Single-Payer System: California Legislators Vote Today

Today the California State Assembly will vote on a proposal – AB No. 1400 — to create a single-payer healthcare system. They system would be similar to Medicare: a fee-for-service model. It would eliminate premiums, copays and deductibles. It would provide broad coverage, including: inpatient and outpatient, emergency and non-emergency medical and health facility and … Continued

Preserving the Harvest…Leveraging HSAs

Join Jack Towarnicky, with Humaculture’s Steve Cyboran, Wes Rogers and Kelley Long on Thursday, February 17, from 12:00 to 12:30 CST as they present the second installment of the Hidden Opportunities, Strategic Compliance Series. They will reconfirm why “unexpected” bills does not always mean “surprise” bills and demonstrate why Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are a … Continued

The No Surprises Act Does Not Eliminate All Surprises

Jack Towarnicky, member of aequum, recently presented as a guest speaker during Humaculture’s Hidden Opportunities, Strategic Compliance Series. This was the first of a five-part series of monthly webinars that offer guidance to plan sponsors and third-party claims administrators on how to strategically respond to the No Surprises Act (NSA) and Transparency in Coverage requirements. … Continued