Preserving the Harvest…Leveraging HSAs

Join Jack Towarnicky, with Humaculture’s Steve Cyboran, Wes Rogers and Kelley Long on Thursday, February 17, from 12:00 to 12:30 CST as they present the second installment of the Hidden Opportunities, Strategic Compliance Series.

They will reconfirm why “unexpected” bills does not always mean “surprise” bills and demonstrate why Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are a strategic response to the No Surprises Act (NSA).

The takeaways from this session will include:

  • The NSA will be inflationary – increasing employer and employee costs
  • Workers are financially fragile – unprepared for the “unexpected”
  • Transparency/NSA compliance may renew interest in health care consumerism
  • HSA = Strategic response:
    • Use tax preferences to finance what cannot or should not be avoided
    • Lower employer and employee costs
    • Ensure associates are prepared for the “unexpected” and the “surprises”
    • Time/communicate change as triggered by NSA compliance
    • Differentiate to attract & retain talent (leverage self-selection)

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