Declaring a National Crisis, Providing Affordable Mental and Behavioral Support Remains a Priority for Employer Sponsored Health Plans

As our nation continues to experience a surge in post-pandemic demand for behavioral health counseling and therapy over residual stress, anxiety and depression, Americans are finding it difficult to access and afford mental and behavioral health services. In fact, President Biden declared a National Behavioral Health Crisis during his 2022 State of the Union address, … Continued

Healthcare Inflation Unusually Trails General Inflation, Squeezing Financially Fragile Employees from Both Sides

Many are questioning how the U.S. healthcare inflation rate compares to the rest of our nation’s economy. The simple answer: it’s significantly lower, which is unusual given that healthcare inflation historically outpaces general inflation. According to McKinsey, inflation is at record highs. Consumer prices have rarely risen faster than healthcare inflation, but that’s the situation … Continued