KFF Annual Employer Health Benefits Survey

Today the Kaiser Family Foundation released its annual Employer Health Benefits Survey. The annual survey of employers “provides a detailed look at trends in employer-sponsored health coverage, including premiums, employee contributions, cost-sharing provisions, offer rates, wellness programs, and employer practices. The 2019 survey included 2,012 interviews with nonfederal public and private firms.”

Here are just a few of the statistics from the Survey:

  • Employers provide health benefits for 153 million people
  • The average premium for single coverage is $7,188 (a 4% increase from last year)
    • Single coverage premiums have grown 19% since 2014
  • The average premium for family coverage is $20,576 (a 5% increase from last year)
    • Family coverage premiums have grown 22% since 2014
  • 61% of covered workers are enrolled in plans that are either partially or completely self-funded
  • 75% of firms offering health benefits offer only one type of health plan
  • 53% of firms offering health benefits reported shopping for a new health plan or insurance carrier in the past year
  • 11% of firms report being “very satisfied” with the cost of their provider networks, while 46% report being “satisfied”
  • 4% of large firms report they stopped covering specified health services provided out-of-network within the last two years
    • Such services include mental health, bariatric surgery and dialysis

To find out more about the Employer Health Benefits Survey or to read the full report, click here.