aequum Launches

On December 27, 2020, the former President signed into law the Consolidated Appropriations Act – a 5,593-page piece of legislation with 32 divisions addressing a myriad of disparate subjects, including the COVID-19 stimulus. Tucked into it and beginning on page 4,095 is the No Surprises Act. The approximately 750 page No Surprises Act purports to protect patients from balance billing for certain out-of-network charges. It applies to self-funded plans, as well as most types of insurance plans. A lot is still unresolved, as regulations need to be drafted, published for comment, and approved, a process we expect to take at least a year.

aequum announces the launch of, a website dedicated to keeping you updated on the latest information about the No Surprises Act. We will be updating and adding content to the website frequently, including information about the administrative rule-making process and how to get involved, the current status of the implementation of the No Surprises Act, state balance billing legislation, and more.

aequum is here to help you navigate and prepare for the No Surprises Act, as well as the other healthcare related provisions contained in the Consolidated Appropriations Act. We look forward to answering your questions as this legislation moves forward.